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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a product be returned?  

A product can be returned in original packaging and tags, if there is a problem or it is not as expected.  

What are the sizes of the clothing? 

Sizes may be labelled as S/M/L/XL etc. Sizing guides are available where possible. Measurements will appear in size guides, with a variation of around 3cm due to production. Australian, UK and US sizes are typically listed as comparisons.

How much time will delivery take?

Due to our default free delivery for added value, products may arrive between 1-5 weeks after ordering. This allows for free international postage. 

Is express delivery available? 

Please allow 2-7 weeks for the product to arrive, as we use international free delivery. Contact us to request express shipping or see the options at the checkout. Email with any enquiries.

Where is Hourglass Apparel managed? 

Management of Hourglass Apparel retail shopping is primarily located in Australia. We sell to an international market - including the USA, Europe and more.